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Padho Aur Badho / RISE

Remedial Innovation in School Education

When the lives and the rights of children are at stake, how can we be silent witnesses?

The Grim Situation!

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Out of the 22 crore children in the age group of 6-14 years, nearly one crore are still out-of-school.

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Slums are the hubs of all social disparities and children are the worst sufferers.

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A large Number of children are forcibly dragged into petty income generation activities.

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Learning outcomes are terribly low from the expected age and grade-specific outcomes.

AROH Foundation has nurtured and mainstreamed more than 50,000 poor and deprived
who are now happily studying in government schools, with better learning outcomes and aspiring for a better future.

At present RISE, supported with the help of AICL in 2 clusters of South Delhi slums in Sangam Vihar and North-West Delhi slums of Mundka is catering to more than 1000 children with free education and holistic development

Project Goal

To strengthen Government’s efforts towards Universalisation of Elementary Education including the components of access, retention and quality, which is not only a national concern, but also a global one, voiced as SDG 4. The project also aims to address the larger issue of poverty and ignorance through the provision of educational opportunities to the poor and unreached segments of society.

Project Highlights

  • Innovative and well-designed, child-oriented model
  • In school or after school teaching for improving learning outcomes
  • A flexible modular approach with built-in replication and up-scaling systems
  • A strong and dedicated team of community teachers
  • Focus on extra-curricular activities and value education
  • Strong networking with government and private schools

Success Stories

Kindling the Flame - RISE

Ishita, 12 yrs old, is a student of one of the RISE centres in Sangam Vihar; Delhi has been finding it hard to attend online classes. The daughter of a poor family doesn’t have a laptop and the family possesses only one phone, that too by her father. Since the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed March 25, Ishita’s father has been working hard to make their ends meet.

“I have to help my mother in household chores in the day and meanwhile my father goes on work to feed the entire family. My parents don’t have a smart phone through which I can get my homework done given by school which leaves me behind of all my classmates because I’m unable to complete the daily homework as I’ve no access to smart phone or a laptop,” said Ishita, who stays in the slums of Sangam Vihar in South Delhi’s area in a one-room flat with her parents and a brother. Mrs. Neelam Singh, RISE educator informed AROH Foundation about the dire need of her getting a laptop so that she also can complete her homework on time and cope up with her classmates. Hearing this, Ishita appealed Dr. Neelam Gupta, Founder of AROH Foundation to help her getting a laptop.

Looking at Ishita’s innocent appeal and supporting such big education project of RISE, Dr. Neelam Gupta agreed to help her and Ishita was provided a laptop in just next few days.

Now Ishita is extremely pleased with her laptop and she thanks AROH Foundation & Dr Neelam Gupta saying “Ma’am thankyou so much for your generous support & help. This will help me to complete my homework on time, get better grades in class and help with my course work. I cannot thankyou enough for giving me a leg up in starting this new phase in my life.”


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