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Project is designed to address the issue of environmental degradation, particularly of the water bodies & Green Cover in the villages of Zewar Block. AROH Foundation collaborated with HCL Foundation’s HCL Uday’s drive under “Harit” to revive 14 village ponds under #JanShakti4JalShakti, to make it water and food secure in the villages.

Project Goal

• 14 community ponds to be cleaned and rejuvenated and beautified through plantation and fencing
• Afforestation to cover a barren patch of land with 4000 trees
• Community awareness and constitution of village level JalChaupals for long term sustainability.
• The project is aligned to several SDG's like – SDG-6: Clean water & Sanitation, SDG-13: Climate Action, SDG-15: life on land

Project Highlights

  • The project envisages cleaning and rejuvenating, 14 existing water bodies with due community participation.
  • The community will be trained through Jal Chaupals for maintaining the ponds and green cover of their village.
  • 32,030 people will get benefited through reclamation of exiting water body and environment conservation through afforestation.

Success Stories

Rebirth of village pond at Deorar !

When AROH Foundation initiated the work to rejuvenate the village pond at Deorar, the biggest challenge was coming from villagers, who were in practice of dumping trash, fossils and deads into the pond.

Extensive awareness, threats of legal action and community and administration participation were taken up as lever for change by AROH.

Scenario changed, winds were blowing positively and now the face of village pond is new. From being a dumping yard of the village, the pond is turned into hangout place for villagers. Policy, People and Participation is bringing in new change.


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