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Holistic Rural Development Program
Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya & Uttar Pradesh

Holistic Development of the villages by improving agricultural and infrastructural facilities, Raising the living standards of rural hinterland through infrastructural investment and human development & Building local enterprise -Towards faster economic growth and poverty alleviation in 54 villages of Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya & Uttar Pradesh

Project Goal

  • To improve the lives of identified communities by providing necessary inputs on all verticals including shaping economic independence through skilling, providing basic infrastructural development, establishing a better eco system thereby promoting a better living condition.
  • To develop human capital, natural resources and infrastructure in poor and backward villages in order to bring about their socio economic transformation.
  • To build lasting relationships, based on mutual trust, with the communities and beneficiaries.
  • To uphold highest ethical standards in conduct of all our project activities.
  • To nurture a culture of supporting flexibility and continuous learning for better outreach.
  • To value the opportunity and responsibility to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Project Highlights

  • Enhanced livelihood opportunities in farm, non- farm and other allied sectors, targeted beneficiaries started getting respectable income to support their family locally
  • Improved Allied & Non Agricultural practices like introduction & promotion to renewable energy usages for day to day activities and conservation of natural resources
  • Improved Agricultural outputs with organic, commercial and innovative manure, seeds, sowing, and other end to end agricultural practices.
  • Improved the villagers mind set to promote villages as production units for urban area through developing the beneficiaries as rural entrepreneurs.
  • Renovation and construction of village assets for improved livelihood options and social setups like Pond Rejuvenation, Angawadi renovation, School renovation etc.
  • Improved Educational setups by renovating the school’ building, sanitation unit, water posts, setting up Libraries in schools, SMART class, Sports kit & hygiene kit distribution, various awareness workshops.
  • Improved, sustainable and respectable life and surroundings around the target community.

Success Stories

Stevia Farming, a game changer in extreme climate of Meghalaya

Sitamon Dohling is in her middle ages but the zeal and hard work has not compromised because of this. She could often be spotted working with extreme hard work over her agricultural fields along with her other family members. She was amongst first few ladies who have shown extreme interest to try out commercial stevia farming in her land through AROH Foundation. Stevia proved to be a better suited and high yielding crop for Meghalaya region.It was extensive trainings through AROH’s expert and her hard work over the fields, which resulted in much better yield and profits. Now many like Sitamon are opting for innovative stevia under AROH’s demonstration witnessing some life changing experiences.

Holistic Rural Development Program in Chhattisgarh for raising the living standards of rural hinterland through infrastructural investment and human development in 24 selected villages of Takhatpur, Tamnar, Kharsiya blocks of Bilaspur and Raipur.

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