Relief Measures by AROH Foundation

Supply of essentials

AROH Foundation has been working in liaison with government bodies to provide emergency essential services like Food & Water Supply, Masks, Sanitizing kits to the poor people.

By far AROH has provided 6,250 masks in basti, 50 infrared thermoMeters in basti, 2000 PPE kits is Ayodhya, 50 Sanitisers and gloves in Bareilly, 2500 FFP1 masks in Bareilly, 2000 masks in Bangalore, helped around 2500 families with food and water packets in association with respective district administration

Personal Protective Equipment

AROH also is providing safety gears like PPE suits, Masks , Gloves, Dead Body Suits, Infrared Thermometers etc to government healthcare professionals at their service stations.

Awareness & Livelihood

Hundreds of vigilant ground staffs of AROH is dedicated towards ensuring implementation of lockdown with police professionals, engaged in counseling sessions of people and generating awareness towards the DOs and DONTs of Covid 19 supporting over 5 lakh of population with Preventive, Promotive and Parallel Livelihood options too.