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    Volunteer Involvement

    A group of engineering students from Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technology & Research volunteered for duration of one month under the project 'PAB' & GAIL-GARIMA and involved themselves in various activities and conducted events for the beneficiaries of both the interventions.

    The team led by Mr Prateek Gaur had in total a group of 11 members and the entire team were assigned with the East Delhi PAB /GARIMA cluster for their volunteer activities. They were involved in teaching the PAB beneficiaries in a play way method for twice a week wherein they taught the basic academics like tables, poems, numerical\\'s etc. They used simple scientific models for teaching tables which really caught the eyes and ears of the beneficiaries.

    Painting Competition

    On 11 October, 2013 the team organized a painting competition for the beneficiaries of the centre located at A/21, new Sanjay Amar Colony, Karkardooma. To arrive at a common theme on the topic of painting, the team asked the beneficiaries to suggest a topic. They all gave topics like earth, solar systems, natural scenery, and festivals. Since Dushera was around the corner, the team suggested painting on the same theme. After explaining the significance of the festival by the team members, beneficiaries started sketching their vision. They drew pictures of Ram, Ravan, burning of effigies etc., and out of the entire lot, the top three were selected by the team members and were awarded prizes.

    They also took home the paintings as a memoir of the event. When they asked the beneficiaries on the lesson they learnt, they all in chorus replied that \\'Truth always win\\' & \\'Good always win over evil\\'. The activity not only paved way of enjoyment but also helped in spreading good messages that can help them in their growth and in choosing the right path.

    Poem Recitation

    On 17 October, 2013 the team organized a Poem Recitation competition at PAB centre located at C-157, New Sanjay Amar Colony, Karkardooma. Poems help the young children learn in a fun & easy way & also helps them in building their confidence and to speak up in front of a crowd. When the team members asked them to recite poems, they all volunteered and recited poems on various topics like butterfly, fish, rainbow, sparrow etc. At the end of the recitation, the best recited beneficiary was identified and awarded with a prize.

    Book Donation Event

    On 19 October, 2013 a book donation event was organized for the PAB beneficiaries at more than 7 PAB centres spared across karkardooma

    The AIACTR team prior to the event collected relative children\\'s book through a campaigning at their college. They placed a collection box within their campus and created awareness to drop unused books so that the less privileged children can make use of it. Understanding the good deed, many contributed to the collection and the team was able to get story books, Rhymes/poems books, Panchtantra books, Tables, basic math\\'s & science books.

    On the day of the event, the team distributed the collected books to beneficiaries. The team also sponsored blank notebook for writing along with the distributed books. Beneficiaries started reading the tales and were happy to receive such books.

    Movie Screening

    On 18 October, 2013, a movie screening was organized by the team for the beneficiaries of the centre-B/417, New Sanjay Amar colony, karkardooma, Delhi.

    To entertain the beneficiaries, the team planned to screen some movies which would impart moral values into them. To screen in the movie, the team brought with them a 21\\' laptop with portable power speakers and screened movies made out of panchtantra stories. 4 short films of 10 minutes duration were screened as the stories of panchtantra are informative and knowledgeable. Besides entertainment, it invoked the moral values in a humorous way and the beneficiaries enjoyed it to the fullest.


    On 19 October, 2013 a walkathon on \\'Anti Food Wastage campaign\\' was organized to create awareness among the community members.

    The entire team of volunteers converged at the nodal centre in karkardooma to lead the beneficiaries out for a walk. The team members made posters, placards on anti food wastage theme and brought with them on the day of walk.

    Before starting the rally, they explained the beneficiaries on the importance of the food and how not to waste it. The rally which started off at C-157, New Sanjay Amar Colony passed through several nearby lanes before culminating at the starting point. Beneficiaries enthusiastically walked and raised slogans like \\'khana bachao, bhook hatao\\'.
    The rally made a positive impact within the community as every member came out to hear them and nodded in acceptance.

    A lecture by a renowned Social Activist / Social Worker

    Under the GAIL-GARIMA program, the team organized a lecture on Women empowerment for the women beneficiaries. They invited Mrs Gargi Chakravrathy, a well known social worker to address the gathering on women issues.

    Mrs. Gargi Chakravarty, a retired associate professor from the History Department of Maitreyi College (Delhi University) after retirement got elected as the President of National Federation of Indian Women. She is also a committee member of Sexual Harassment committee of Kendriya Vidyalaya Network and also dons the cap of Editor of women Journal \\\"Women Watch\\\".

    She has been actively involved in addressing women issues and fighting for their cause and published several books. Some of her works include; Gandhi : A challenge to communalism , Coming out of partition: Refugee women of Bengal, PC Joshi : A biography, pamphlets and booklets like Ek thi Lata Bahadur Didi

    Being a very committed activist she agreed to conduct the lecture for the Garima beneficiaries. After a warm welcome and a small intro about the Foundation and interaction with the beneficiaries, she discussed on \"Empowerment of women in Social, Political & Financial context. Equality & on issues related to Dowry, female foeticide etc & discussed on sections and laws related to women in Indian Constitution.

    Her words made a powerful impact on the beneficiaries and the team of AROH thanked her for sharing the knowledge with them. At the end of the lecture the beneficiaries presented a small memento to Ms Gargi for her valuable contribution and she in turn blessed them for a rightful life.


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