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SWADHAAR aims for Socio economic empowerment of poor and underprivileged women through Skill development initiative and Entrepreneurship Development in targeted villages. Under the Project, AROH Foundation has been providing training, support along with market linkages for sustainable income sources. Under the project trades are identified as per the local community need & scope for the sustainable market types, which are as follows- Cutting & Tailoring, Agarbatti Making, ITeS/Computer Training, and Industrial Electrical. Overall, under the project Socio Economic Empowerment of underprivileged women and youth are actively trained in life skills to make their life better.
Other than these trades, project is also targeted the 200 farmers from targeted villages and helping them to enhance their farm based income through regular training and input support for crop diversity and agro forestry. The project proposes to create better livelihood opportunities in Chhattisgarh and Meghalay.

Project UNNATI
AROH Foundation aims to empower large number of underprivileged women through its project UNNATI. Under the program 100 SHGs were given the assistance in variety of skill training and were linked with the local market for sustainable returns through different SHG products. AROH emphasises on creation of self sustained development through poor people institution (SHG) and skills up-gradation of the women and crating required support systems to ensure unemployed women to take-up self employment activities & work as rural entrepreneurs it overall leads to their socio-economic elevation.
Project is presently working with 100 SHGs in all three locations of Chhattisgarh. (62 SHGs in Korba, 20 SHGs in Kawardha & 18 SHGs in Mainpat).

AROH works towards Education for All and promotes child rights, thereby lifting thousands of children from the state of misery and scarcity to a position of dignity and happiness. AROH helps children to get the knowledge and life skills they need to realise their full cognitive potential.
Education is one of the most powerful tools in breaking the cycle of poverty. Padho aur Badho is AROH's pioneering effort in collaboration with GAIL India, to provide education opportunities to deprived children in urban slums. So far we have reached out to 30,000 poor and out-of-school children living in urban slums.

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Economic Empowerment
AROH runs various programmes for economic empowerment of poverty-stricken rural and urban youth in various states under the schemes of government of India and corporate social responsibility initiatives. AROH works with communities to ensure that families in extreme poverty have the skills they need to increase their income. We have designed programmes like UDAAN and UTKARSH with an objective of enhancing the skill sets of poor people for different income-driven trades, such as agriculture, farm and non-farm, IT and ICT, Hospitality, Sales and Retail and textiles and garments, manufacturing industry workers, etc.
AROH Foundation implements Government of India's SGSY Programme for livelihood opportunities and job-placement for BPL rural youth and women through Public-Private Partnership Approach and attempts to bridge the ever-widening divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized from the new jobs in the new economy.
The on-going project envisages socio-economic transformation of the underprivileged youth & women from a status of unemployment and vulnerability to a product of employability in the market. It aims to create opportunities to the disadvantaged youth & women in rural areas for quality flexible skills training and placement services in consonance with the employers needs and demands and prepare them for new economic jobs.

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Women's Empowerment
AROH works with a special focus on women's empowerment and provides skills development and employment linkages to thousands of women across the nation. Project GARIMA has been designed for skill development of women in various trades such as garment making, embroidery and handicraft making, beauty culture, dried foods and namkeen making, etc.

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AROH Foundation has been successfully conducting various community development programmes in health sector which include the operation of a mobile health van for poor and disadvantaged in the slums of Delhi and NOIDA, awareness generation activities health camps, vaccination programmes, etc.
Our health interventions works for reproductive and child health, aiming to reduce maternal, neonatal and child mortality. Its aim is to improve overall immunization coverage, raise awareness about the indispensable role played by routine immunization in protecting a community's health, improve the quality of emergency obstetric care and promote an integrated management of early childhood illnesses. We work to support the existing community health facilities.
Gender mainstreaming is of special concern to us. Due to their lower social status, girls are far more at risk of malnutrition than boys their age. Partly as a result of this cultural bias, up to one third of all adult women in India are underweight. The project seeks to provide the healthcare facilities to girl children and to create awareness about equal status and facilities for both girls and boys.

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Water and Sanitation
AROH works in sanitation area by providing toilet facilities to villages in terms of constructing toilets and handing them over to schools under Government of India's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Also AROH has launched Community Led Toilet Sanitation(CLTS) Campaign in villages for community people who use open defecation.

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