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Dr Neelam Gupta, President

Dr Neelam Gupta is the Founder President & CEO of AROH Foundation. She is a gold medalist from Delhi University and did extensive research on Control of Stored Grains Pests having international publications to her credit. She has published several other research publications while working on social issues.
After having a successful inning as an entrepreneur, she set up and registered AROH Foundation to realize her childhood dream of giving back to the society. Set up and registered in 2001, AROH was initially focusing on research and strategy planning support to programmes run by the Government of India. Realizing the great need of developmental work at the grassroots level, she took up interventions which provided direct benefits to people.
She has been a spirited leader of AROH and has inculcated commitment and sincerity towards work as hallmarks of the organization and integrated the use of technology to bring transparency through information sharing. Sound policies which ensure the path to success have been made by her which have translated into the success and goodwill that AROH enjoys at present.
She is responsible for steering the organization to achieve its goals and objectives and realize its vision of the best organization in the social sector.
She has won several awards and honours for her exemplary work in the social sector. Under her able leadership, AROH Foundation has received several awards and recognitions including the Excellence Award in 2011 for its work in skill development and economic empowerment of the poor and Best Community Action Award 2012.

Anupma Jain, Executive Member

Anupma Jain studied for B.Com at Delhi University and also trained for B.Ed with a view to take up teaching which has been always close to her heart. She passed M.Com to further augment her qualifications. Her inclination to work for the social cause brought her on the board of AROH and she became the Founder Member of the organization. She has been running a coaching institute for students to train them for entrance examinations and board examinations.
A great visionary, having extensive experience in teaching, always dreamt of involving herself in one or other form to help the people who are in need and to work for the social upliftment of the poor. Using the same resources, she also conducts classes for free for the needy and less privileged students, who cannot afford to pay huge tuition fees for their coaching. She voluntarily trains the students of poor and needy at free of cost.
Her ambition for social work draws her out of her institute and she regularly visits the Foundation's project sites in Delhi/NCR and conducts classes for the beneficiaries of programme like UDAAN, a prestigious intervention of AROH for training in market driven skills.With her vast experience in dealing with students of all kinds, she is able to guide the policies and project designs at AROH.

Versha Gupta, Secretary

Versha Gupta is a senior computer professional, working with corporate clients to develop computing platform architecture solutions within their organizations. She is an accomplished professional with a proven ability to develop all kinds of software packages.
After graduating in Maths Honours from the reputed Lady Shriram College of Delhi, she pursued post-graduation in Maths from IIT Delhi. She joined CSS in 1987, a software consultancy founded by her husband Ashish Gupta, and trained herself to be a computer professional while gathering rich experience in researching, designing, developing, and evaluating programming environments from the perspectives of human-computer interaction and learning.
With over 25 years of professional and practical experience in computer technology, she is also a popular software trainer and speaker for initiating users into software applications. She is the author of many articles and also teaches Database Design Course to Engineering-level students.
Working part time as Secretary, AROH Foundation, she’s able to provide leadership and guidance for better implementation of projects. She conducts regular workshops to make AROH's team tech savvy and ensures that all employees use the computers and web technology for their day-to-day affairs which not only improves staff efficiency, but also gives an edge to the organisation. She has been able to design software for all internal and external processes staring from administration, finance and project management to keeping the database with online reporting to funders which has given transparency and accountability to systems at AROH.

Shirley Jain, Executive Member

Shirley Jain, born and brought up in Mumbai, chose to become a lawyer and hence completed LL.B after her graduation. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, she could not pursue her career as a practising lawyer. However, she took to extensive social work on her own and has, for the past twenty years, voluntarily involved herself in helping out the people in need by counselling them appropriately, specially providing legal assistance to poor and needy women.
Being a Founder member of the AROH Foundation, she comes forward to help the women of the community by organizing camps on issues related to women. She has counselled many women of the community and helped them out to sort out their problems. She has even referred them to known practicing lawyers of court to settle disputes. She has become a known face in the community and women look forward to her visit.
She has greatly helped women deal with barriers— physical or mental, poverty and drug and alcohol addiction of male family members to name just a few that are preventing them from functioning well in their environments.
With her hands-on grassroots-level experience, Shirley has helped AROH in developing robust and outcome-oriented project strategies which have become successful community interventions.

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